Heat pump water heaters: tips for use, installation and maintenance

In the choice of the heat pump should be considered:

- The climatic characteristics of the place where it is installed

- The typological characteristics of the building

- The conditions of use.

The climatic characteristics are important especially where the cold source is the outside air: you can in fact have, during the winter, the formation of frost on the evaporator, resulting in poor heat transfer. To overcome this drawback, the heat pump is in general, however, equipped with a defrosting device (eg an electric resistance).

This problem does not occur, however, if you are using as the source cold exhaust air or water.

The typological characteristics of the building also influence the choice of the type of heat pump:

- Must be evaluated in an apartment the space needed for the installation and the opportunity to use packaged systems or "split";

- Single-family homes in the heat pump can be installed in the basement or boiler room. In this case, noise and condensation related to the heat pump, do not give problems and the proximity of a traditional boiler may make possible the use bivalent;

- In commercial establishments such as hairdressers, restaurant kitchens, etc.., The installation of a heat pump to extract air can be very convenient since the action of cooling and dehumidification makes it more comfortable working environment.


Although the conditions of use in different environments influence the choice of the heat pump: for example, if the environment is intended to residence or work activity sedentary not noisy, it is advisable to the choice of a heat pump of the type "split".

The heat requirement will depend upon the geographical location of users: particular attention must be paid to the heat pumps that use the outdoor air as the source, as the heat output decreases with decreasing temperature of this.

The heat pump is an apparatus that has reached a good reliability, but that requires a correct installation and a minimum of maintenance in order to achieve good performance over time.

Some routine maintenance are essential to the proper operation of the heat pump. Can be made directly by the user at regular intervals of time:

- Cleaning the evaporator and condenser;

- Cleaning of the filters;

- Cleaning of the exhaust pipe of the condensate, as recommended by the instruction booklets attached to the heat pump.




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