Practical tips to lower your intake of air-conditioner: the sun protection film

In recent years the strong diffusion of air conditioners portable and stationary (the classic penguin) have greatly increased consumption of electricity during the 'summer, arriving in the past also cause blackouts.

This does not mean that we have to reduce power consumption to give up any kind of comfort, but maybe try to make these consumption a little more intelligent and targeted, this is.

What I want to talk about today are called "sun protection film."

Films are to be applied on the windows and greatly reduce the passage of heat all 'inside of the room by reflecting the sun's rays. To have an idea about a normal glass lets l '80% of the heat of the solar rays, with this type of film, however, the heat that fails to pass through the glass is only 20%.

In this way, then we could have a cooler environment by using less air-conditioning and therefore consuming less electricity and saving a little on the bill.

In summer it is a habit of many to keep the shutters closed to prevent entry the heat of the day. With these films, however, we can let the light from the windows but not the heat. But there are also versions that also limit the light itself.

They are generally made in polyester and aluminum vaporized and apply with special hooks or as adhesives. You can find various shades and degrees of reflection. In addition, most of the models are removable and reusable for several years, in this way it is possible to amortize the initial cost with the energy savings that it will draw in the course of the seasons.




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