Practical tips to reduce energy consumption of the refrigerator

In this short but comprehensive list of tips we learn to reduce the power consumption of the refrigerator. It does not matter if your refrigerator is of type A, B, C etc.. - These tips are valid for any model and any energy class. Change some small habit can extend the life of your appliance and shorten the amount of the electricity bill. Let's see how.

The refrigerator should never be attached to the wall. Always allow adequate space, for example, 10 cm, to allow good air ventilation. If the refrigerator is too close to the air tends to overheat, increasing consumption and the risk of failure.

Defrost your fridge when ice forms. Paradoxically, the presence of ice reduces the capacity of the refrigerator to cool the internal environment of the refrigerator and forces the engine to work harder consuming greater electrical energy. In addition to increasing the bill most of the work of the engine increases the risk of overheating and being damaged.

Never put hot food in the refrigerator. The heat of the food contrasts with the function of the refrigerator, the refrigerator forcing the engine to work harder to cool hot food. The heat can also damage the chilled food places nearby. And 'advisable to cool hot foods and bring them to room temperature before storing in the refrigerator.

Do not keep the door open the refrigerator or freezer for a long time. The operations of opening the hot air of the room is exchanged with the cold of the interior of the refrigerator. The motor of the refrigerator will have to work harder to cool it down again, consuming energy and thus increasing your bill.

Remove the dust on the condenser coil. When defrosted the fridge (be careful, the current must be switched off) take the opportunity to remove the dust that has accumulated on the coil at the rear of the refrigerator. The powder isolates the capacitor favoring overheating and the risk of failures.

The refrigerator cools the food. It may seem trivial to remember. E 'therefore advisable to place the refrigerator away from heat sources such as stoves, radiators and boilers. It 'also advisable to avoid placing the refrigerator behind the outer walls constantly exposed to the sun. Be careful also if the wall is placed behind a radiator, heat tends to be transmitted within the wall and heat up the air between the wall and the refrigerator.



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