Some tips to save on home heating

The beginning of autumn is the best time to see if the heating boiler still enjoys the full efficiency. Discover the existence of a fault until the arrival of the cold weather is the worst thing that can happen.

In the early days of the cold technical maintenance companies are literally bombarded with calls and the waiting list of the interventions also extends to several days. Therefore, the first rational rule is to be proactive: to carry out the annual maintenance of the boiler at least one month before the time of ignition. Eg. in October. Another reason to perform maintenance and cleaning of the boiler is to ensure a good efficiency of operation.

A boiler is not in perfect working increases the consumption of gas and your spending on your bill. Furthermore, to obtain a correct management of the fumes is required every two years to perform the analysis of the fumes, as well as the law allows. Every 2 or 3 years, during the summer months, you also verify the state of the pipes where possible. Incorrect insulation of the system can lead to unnecessary and significant loss of heat produced by the boiler.

Here are some practical tips to reduce heating costs:

Bleed the air from the radiators to keep them at peak efficiency. The air in the pipes of the system tends to settle in the radiators impendendone full heating and causing unnecessary work for the boiler. The old radiators may not have an air vent valve, in these cases will not cost much to install them through a simple intervention on the part of your plumbing of confidence.

Do not ventilate the rooms too long. It 'better to allow air to circulate fully opening the windows during the hottest hours. Changing the air in the house or keep a window open when the boiler is on will only result in unnecessary consumption of gas or diesel. Avoid keep the window ajar, in this way, the warm interior will tend to exit doing work double the time the boiler.

Lower the blinds at night to keep the house warm. The glass causes a large dispersion of the internal heat by cooling the room.

Double glazing installed in window frames and doors to prevent heat loss between the cold outside and the heat inside.

Adjust the temperature to 19 °. To limit the energy consumption of the boiler make sure that the internal temperature of the house oscillates around 19 °. For a single degree of internal temperature higher will increase the consumption of 8%. When you suffer the heat in the winter and you are forced to open the windows are doing the boiler work inutillmente spending many euro extra gas. Lower the temperature of 1-2 degrees and some wear sweater is a smart choice.

Avoid covering radiators with furniture or curtains. The radiator under the window help to warm the walls structurally colder but they tend to work harder. To increase the efficiency in these cases it is sufficient to put a board of insulating material between the wall and radiator.

When purchasing a boiler considered that a condensing boiler offers savings up to 20% in the consumption of natural gas.

Always consider that the use of electric heaters will cost a lot in electricity. If you use a lot of electric heaters you should evaluate a remedial work on the heating system or increase the radiator elements. In cases of central heating check in advance of any change to the radiator elements with your administrator.

At night turn off the boiler and set the timer for two hours before it on again when you will have to raise. In case of cold areas would be adequate to adjust the internal temperature was only 16 ° night.

Keep the door closed the rooms and premises not used as closets or the guest room will avoid to circulate the hot and cold air in these rooms also doing less work on the boiler.

When the heat in the rooms is excessive or unnecessary heating down to a minimum level of radiator.

Insulated walls to prevent the loss of heat with the outside doing less work the boiler. In the case of mountain resorts or particularly cold assessed the full insulation of the walls, an investment that could save you up to 70% of the annual expenditure to heat the house.

The use of radiant floor allows you to radiate heat from the floor or the walls and eliminating the traditional radiator. The radiation of heat from below provides the same comfort requiring lower temperatures in the system and, therefore, with a strong energy saving. By the same principle the radiation of heat from the walls can arrive mediating the radiant wall, particularly suitable thanks to their modularity in large interior spaces of office space.

Prepare an automatic temperature control unit can avoid large inefficiencies in heating and save you a lot of money. A control unit continuously measures the temperature outside the house and compares it to the inside trying to keep it always at the highest level of fuel efficiency. The units are also equipped with a weekly or daily timer that allows you to fine-tune the lighting periods, avoid leaving the boiler is switched on when not needed. Eg. to automatically turn on the boiler hour before your arrival allows you to enjoy the warmth of home without excessive waste of gas.

If you have a central heating system ask your system administrator heat metering to divide the condo fees based on the actual use of heating.




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