Available the version of AutoCAD WS for Android devices

For years between the desires and needs of thousands of students and professionals, AutoCad is no longer a dream on smartphones and tablets. Since last September, in fact, the mobile version of AutoCAD WS was released on terminals equipped with the Apple iOS system.

After a little less than two months since the last update and interesting, AutoDesk announced with a little 'surprise of the imminent arrival of the relevant applications for Android devices. It is an important choice for a California company such as Autodesk and also says a lot about what is the current market for mobile applications: Android and iOS if the fighting on equal terms, representing in fact the two main platforms considered by most multinationals to this level.

Shopping online: rules to follow to protect purchases and make secure payments

Never before purchase of any item will be online, saving you the trouble of going to the mall.

Online purchases are also excellent for sending gifts to friends and family without the need to deliver them by hand, making sure that it will be received on time.

The only question surrounding the markets and online stores of E-commerce is the guarantee that an object will be intact when you get home, that your payment details are not seen and stolen by third parties and that the shipment is timely, without delays and secure.

How you can use a PC as a Home Burglar?

Create a burglar alarm with motion sensor.

Almost all homes are equipped with a burglar alarm with motion sensor. But if we think about these alarms are not particularly useful because when they detect a movement confined to ring and call us to the limit. And so here's how to create a much more functional burglar alarm using your computer: 

Drawing software for Android devices: SketchBook

People used to say: "just a pencil, a sheet immaculate and lots of imagination to create even the biggest dreams ..."

The same Salvador Dali claimed categorically that "the drawing, is nothing but the sincerity of art. There is no possibility of cheating ... "

To me, that are certainly not a great draftsman, having had available, at certain times, a piece of paper to fill, even with a simple "doodle", he meant so much, allowing my imagination to not be harnessed in a modest thought or, still, distracting from moments of absolute tedium.

Application that allows you to turn your iPad into a Home Burglar: app "Anti-Theft HD Home Automation"

With the application Alarm Home Automation HD you have the ability to control home directly from the iPad, monitoring the situation through high-resolution photographs. The app allows you to make the remote control, even thousands of miles away, as long as an internet connection.

With this iPad app will take a picture every time will detect the presence of a face in your home and, if appropriate, use any time you choose. You can also choose to automatically upload photos to the web (eg on your account DrobBox). In this way, even if a thief were to steal or break your iPad, you'll always have photographs that bear witness to the incident.

Apps for iPad that allow you to perform many of the functions of a handset

What we offer today is an experiment, and the proof that we have done to see if you can make sure that our iPad through the applications in the App Store, is able to completely replace a laptop-or quasi-or at least a PC traditional. It is clear that the result is influenced by the habits of each, but let us see what conclusions we have reached.

We are quite convinced that one of the keys to the success of the iPad (and tablets in general) lies in the fact that, although they are still limited when compared to traditional computers, however, are able to cope with all the requirements of 'average user (numerically dominant). In other words: the majority of the holders of a laptop actually uses it well below its potential and could very well make use of a tablet to meet all its needs.

How to test the functionality of a smartphone directly from a PC?

To choose the cell phone to buy generally are read-sheets, reviews, comments and ratings data on sites and specialized forums.

If what you want is a smart choice is necessarily limited to 3 types: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone (if you want a Blackberry is also a possibility).

Beyond aesthetics and brand, mobile smartphones are differentiated by the operating system that can be more comfortable and beautiful depending on your preference.

These mobile systems can be tested on a computer to see how they are, how they work and how they operate applications. 

Tips for choosing the components of a PC to assemble

Buying a new computer is a big problem (if you want the best at the lowest possible cost).

We are far from the decline of PC (even if someone tries to do it yourself) because this electronic device is not just to surf the Internet or play like a tablet, but also to work, to write and create.

The importance of the computer comes from the fact that even people not particularly adept at technology often find themselves in front of a computer for several hours a day.

Buy new PC: better custom or pre-assembly (OEM)?

When you decide to buy a new computer, you can go in two kinds of shops: the mall and or you can go to a store a bit 'smaller selling pc assembando selected pieces.

The mall sells computers of so-called OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that the personal computer manufacturers pre-installed and pre-assembled (like Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, etc.) while the computer stores sell parts individually and offer the service to assemble and mount depending on the required specifications.

Tend you could say that, people less informed about computers and therefore less expert in computer science, prefer to buy OEM pc at the mall while those who have more technical experience rather choose computer systems, trying to combine together the best pieces of hardware.

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