What actions you can perform with the Communication Construction Start (CIL)?

Since 2010 it is possible to realize the extraordinary maintenance such as renovations of apartments and other small works with a new tool: the Notice of Construction Start (CIL)

What actions you can perform with the CIL

The notice of commencement of works was introduced in 2010 by Law 73 amending Art. 6 of T.U. Presidential Decree 380/01 which describes the activity free building.

In paragraph 2 of the 'Article 6 are defined interventions that free fall in construction activity can be achieved without qualifying title but also sent a communication in electronic way to the technical office of the City (this is the CIL).

Laying wood flooring is better floating or glued?

We find according to our needs, which pose apply at home, our wood floor between the floating and the pasted.

The floating is a particular method of laying the wooden floor, which allows any reuse of the strips in other environments, as it does not foresee the use of glue for fixing; the strips of wood are in fact stuck with a classic combination of "male-female".

Among the advantages of this frame, plus the ability to retrieve the strips for a future of our parquet floor in another room, it appreciates the speed of assembly, that does not suffer from the long weeks of waiting for the drying of the glue; precisely for This float is normally applied to engineered floors.

How to choose the most suitable flooring for your home?

It 'important to consider when choosing the flooring of the house the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material but also the use that we would do and your budget.

The evolution of techniques for processing and treatment of the different materials of construction and furnishings made that the number of alternatives for such an important element as is the floor is increased significantly. The variety in the offer provides to those who seek pave their homes suitable solutions for every need and every taste.

What are the main characteristics of the wood fiber used in construction?

In the field of insulating materials in recent years, is taking a massive movement for research of ecological building materials and healthy. The glass wool and rock wool, which have long been used, have been labeled as toxic (due to their fine dust that have been considered to be carcinogenic). One of the materials which meet these conditions, but that is also an excellent insulator is the wood fiber and the best construction companies are organizing.

The panels of wood fiber are mainly made of pine and fir. The production process is very particular. The wood is treated in special machines that work on thermo-mechanical processes and grind very fine fibers in the material. While immediately after pressing, which compacts the fibers and gives stability to the panels. After drying, to give greater compactness to the material, alum is added that allows the escape of natural resins from the wood.

What are the materials used in green building: wood, cork, tiles, cellulose fiber, concrete, expanded clay

To introduce the topic on sustainable materials and environmentally friendly, we must first talk about green building and green architecture, two disciplines that respond to the current situation of increasing pollution and environmental degradation. The green building uses environmentally friendly materials, non-polluting, trying to reduce as much as possible and limit the consumption of non-renewable energy, protecting the environment through energy savings and reducing the cost of operation and maintenance in order to amortize the cost in a short time installation.

The use of environmentally friendly materials, including certificates, and alternative energy sources are not sufficient to guarantee the quality of a sustainable project because it is necessary and important to consider aspects related to the impact on the environment and economic ones. Therefore, when we evaluate the suitability of a material, we must take into account the whole life cycle and the potential impact on every stage, from production to use to disposal, has on the environment. For this reason, even the non-renewable materials can be regarded as sustainable long as they have an efficient manufacturing process from the point of view of energy, with low emissions and durability superior to that of their renewable alternatives.

What are the main features of prefabricated wooden houses?

Despite timbered houses around the world have a long history, there are still many in Italy to believe that only the concrete is synonymous with strength, durability and solidity. However, in recent years the attention of individuals, technicians and entrepreneurs to the wooden buildings also prefabricated, has grown significantly. The wooden structures, especially after the earthquake of L'Aquila, are now seen as a viable alternative and not only as an extravagance.


Wood, an ancient material but always new and easy to work with, it is synonymous with lightness and flexibility, the latter feature which provides excellent seismic resistance, demonstrated among other things by the tests carried out under the "project Sofie" Buildings built entirely of wood resist earthquake simulations, in particular, a seven-story building remains standing and is perfectly fit for use after an earthquake of 7 degrees on the Richter scale.


Deductibility and fees for installation and use of stair lifts

One of the biggest impediments to their mobility in homes are the stairs which often make it difficult mobility to people with disabilities, but also for the elderly who do not have more than bodily agility.

To overcome this are the so-called stairlifts for sale lifting equipment ie people who make it possible to overcome the steps in comfort and safety.

They come in different types: fixed montascala (curved or straight stairs, for internal or external), and montascala furniture (with seats equipped with tracks or wheels that allow you to overcome the steps, very common in public places).

Guide to the laying of wooden floors: preliminary stages, conditioning materials, verification, preparation and laying down the floor

Preliminary stages of laying

We recommend installing the wood floor after you have completed all the works of the most important finishing, painting, electrical, windows, furniture structural, etc..

The packs of flooring must acclimate in a flat and horizontal. If possobile confezioi leave intact over the wooden packing (pallet) cutting metal strapping containment.

During transport, it is important that the packages are necessarily protected from the wind and from the weather.

Never use public transport without the adequate protections (such as open trucks).


Tips for choosing the wood flooring and how to maintain it in a sanitary condition

Are you among those who are considering the installation of a hardwood floor for your home, but you do not know what are the parameters to distinguish a good product?

Will be useful first of all to know that the quality of the wood floor can also affect your health and that of the people who live with you.

The hardwood floors, also known as parquet flooring, not only in fact differ in essence and structure, however, important aspects when choosing, but they differ even more so for the process that is followed for their production, as this will depend on the ability to have healthy environments.

What are the main rules to follow to open or renovate a Bed and Breakfast?

Run a bed and breakfast in your apartment, open a guest house and invest in accommodation are solutions to increase revenue and bring into play their business skills. Sometimes to invest in a structure is useful to make renovations of apartments, villas, country houses and other buildings in order to maximize space, or respond to regional regulations.

Renovation project of a B & B and SCIA tourist advice

Why call an architect for your B & B? L 'activities of an architect is principally aimed at achieving the best value for their investment, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the many choices you can make to a restructuring. Relying on a professional is a way to save time and money, achieving quality and guarantees for your investment. Services needed are follows:

- Consultancy for opening of the B & B or dell'affittacamere with assistance for requesting permission of the Municipality and the Province.

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