Heat pump water heaters: definition and convenience

The water heater heat pump is a product still relatively little known in Italy, also because of the widespread use of gas in urban areas. In fact, the spread in their homes warmers gas has already allowed to mitigate significantly the consumption of electricity related to the old electric water heater.

A further help the environment and our pockets, derives from the spread of another mode of heating water for domestic use: the water heater heat pump, or more widely known as heat pump water heat pump water heater or even heat.

For those who still have an electric water heater, replacement by a heat pump system could bring huge benefits, even estimated at around 70%.

And why not, the replacement warmer gas would bring its advantages, by diminishing the excessive use of gas in our cities.

To summarize it all in a nutshell, the energy savings that you would enjoy using a hot water heater heat pump depends on various factors.

As already mentioned, is a real ecological evolution of the traditional water heaters, saving up to 70% of electricity consumption. Therefore represents the ideal solution for gyms, cottages, small businesses that use a large amount of water (hairdressers, restaurants, bars), both for new installations and for replacement of old electric or gas water heaters.




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